Lydia Lunch - Shotgun Wedding - Cassette tape on Triple X Records

Lydia Lunch – Shotgun Wedding – Cassette tape on Triple X Records




Product Description

Lydia Lunch – Shotgun Wedding – Cassette

Lydia Lunch first attracted the attention of punk and new wave audiences in the late ’70s, when she sang lead with the very underground Teenage Jesus & the Jerks (best known for their tortured 1979 single “Baby Doll”). Always one who liked her music dark and troubling, Lunch never appealed to mainstream rock tastes, but has enjoyed a small cult following. When she joined forces with guitarist Rowland S. Howard for 1991’s Shotgun Wedding, it was clear that Lunch hadn’t adopted a more cheerful outlook. Songs like “Endless Fall,” “Black Juju” and “Burning Skulls” are as morbid as they are captivating, and a superb remake of Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time of Dying” fits right in. In Lunch’s hands, the Zep classic loses its bluesy heavy metal appeal and acquires an eerie folk/gothic quality. This alternative rock gem is one of Lunch’s greatest achievements.

Song List
2. Burning Skulls
3. In My Time of Dying
4. Solar Hex
5. Endless Fall
6. What Is Memory
7. Pigeon Town
8. Cisco Sunset
9. Icubator
10. Black Juju


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