Morphine - Good - Cassette tape on Ryko Records

Morphine – Good – Cassette tape on Ryko Records




Product Description

Morphine – Good – Cassette

GOOD, Morphine’s full-length debut from 1992, introduced this unorthodox yet mesmerizing Boston trio to the rock underground. With the whole world captivated by grunge rock around this time, Morphine broke onto the scene completely guitar-less, with singer Mark Sandman filling up the void with a homemade two-string bass he played with a slide (accompanied by saxophonist Dana Colley and drummer Jerome Dupree). GOOD contains several compositions that would eventually become Morphine standards, such as the haunting album-opening title track and a song that explored the hard-luck tale of a hopeless gambler, “Have A Lucky Day.”

Song List
1. Good
2. Saddest Song, The
3. Claire
4. Have A Lucky Day
5. You Speak My Language
6. You Look Like Rain
7. Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave
8. Lisa
9. Only One, The
10. Test-Tube Baby / Shoot’m Down
11. Other Side, The
12. I Know You – (part one)
13. I Know You – (part two)


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