Lida Husik – The Return Of Red Emma – Cassette tape on Shimmy Disc Records





Lida Husik – The Return Of Red Emma – Cassette

Song List
1. Back In The March
2. Highgate
3. Azt No
4. Suicide Sedan
5. Earthquake Blues
6. Light Of The Day
7. Hopi Ants
8. Hemlock
9. Pyramus And Thisbe
10. Match Girl
11. Bustop
12. Monitor
13. Happy

THE RETURN OF RED EMMA was Lida Husik’s third release in a span of two years. The album marks a return to the concise song forms of her debut album, BOZO, and a move away from the longer, more open-ended structures of her second album, YOUR BAG.The 13 songs on this album are all under five minutes, with most clocking in at two or three minutes. Husik eschews the atmospherics of her earlier work and presents simpler, more confident songs. Numbers like “Light of the Day” are downright catchy, and this album as a whole is her most pop-sounding to date. Subsequent releases headed in two separate directions: albums under her name continued in this vein, and the more trance-like efforts came out either under the name Husikesque or with the duo Beaumont Hannant.

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