The Band Of Holy Joy – Positively Spooked – Cassette tape on Rough Trade Records





The Band Of Holy Joy – Positively Spooked – Cassette

The Band of Holy Joy are an English band formed in New Cross, London, and initially active between 1984 and 1993, releasing several albums. In 1992, they abbreviated their name to Holy Joy. They reformed in 2002,back under the name of Band of Holy Joy, releasing a new album called “Love never fails”,They concentrated on other musical projects during 2003 to 2006. They began performing live again in 2007 and released a best of on Cherry Red records.

Song List
1. Real Beauty Passed Through
2. Evening World Holiday Show
3. Beacuse It Was Never Resolved
4. Unlikely Girl
5. Shadow Fall
6. Bitten Lips
7. Here It Comes
8. Hot Little Hopes
9. Freda Cunningham
10. Torch Me
11. Positively Spooked
12. Look Who Chaged With The Times

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