Blunderbuss - Conspiracy - CD on Homestead Records

Blunderbuss – Conspiracy – CD on Homestead Records




Product Description

Blunderbuss – Conspiracy – Compact Disc

Bill Baxter, James Nemeph and Ben Matthews formed the hardcore punk band Blunderbuss in their home of Pittsburgh. The three released three singles on independent record labels during 1992-93 and released their first album, 1995’s Conspiracy, on Homestead Records.

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the original plastic seal

Homestead Records

Track Listing
1. Four Tickets On Fitment
2. Perfect Time
3. New Ground
4. False Monarch
5. Sold On Gold
6. Charming Host
7. Black Stump & Crooked Mick
8. Decree Of The Comet
9. Pretty Grip


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