Soul Junk - 1952 - CD on Homestead records

Soul Junk – 1952 – CD on Homestead records



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Soul Junk – 1952 – Compact Disc

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal
Homestead Records

When avant-pop band Trumans Water relocated from San Diego to the Pacific Northwest in early 1994, multi-instrumentalist Glenn Galloway stayed behind, re-christened himself Glen Galaxy, and embarked on a (mostly) solo project called Soul-Junk. Writing songs in praise of Jesus Christ, and in fact drawing a large portion of his lyrics directly from the Bible, Galloway’s first album as Soul-Junk, 1950, was released in 1995 on the Holy Kiss label. Numerous releases (CDs, LPs, cassettes, and 7”s) followed on such labels as Homestead, Shrimper, and Sub Pop. All Soul-Junk releases are titled after mid 20th century years — mainly post-war years, strangely enough — though Galloway has been reluctant to clarify any specific meanings associated with the titles or the logic behind their non-sequential order of release. At the same time, Galloway remained tied to Trumans Water, touring and sometimes recording with the band, though not a formal active member. As Soul-Junk, Galloway’s music could be described as a mélange of indie rock, hip-hop, soul, and all-around lo-fi sonic experimentation, sharing some similarities with Ween, the Beastie Boys, and Beck. An ambitious double-disc set was released in 1999, entitled 1955, a collection that well-displayed Soul-Junk’s genre-hopping tendencies, and 2000 saw the release of the pared-down 1956, which focused on Soul-Junk’s quirky hip-hop side.

Track Listing
1. In Your Sanctuary
2. Spoiler!
3. Pegasus On The Slow Tip
4. Like The Sunrise
5. Sweet To My Soul
6. Doom Beat
7. Kingdom’s Fruit, The
8. Ape The Rich
9. In Their Sea Thru Raincoats
10. Eyes Of The Spirit
11. Goose-Eggs
12. Oahu Strum
13. Cold-Coct The Corner
14. Episode!
15. 7 Horned Star
16. Cup & Dish
17. Seeing Ear
18. Another Dome Ride
19. Hi-Priest
20. Snatched From The Fire
21. Arm In Actiom
22. Throne Speeda Light
23. Nectar Sublet
24. Men Of Memphis Cracked Your Skull
25. Sideways Drag
26. Move Like Kings
27. Soulology
28. Slo-Jam In The Endzone
29. Junk On Lax
30. Kingdom Of Heaven
31. Zion!


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