Das Damen – Marshmellow Conspiracy – Cassette tape on SST Records





Das Damen – Marshmellow Conspiracy – Cassette

Das Damen means “the ladies” in German. Of course, there weren’t actually any women in this New York-based quartet — but the band members did have long hair (all the better to whip around during their energetic live shows). Like sartorial brothers-in-arms and labelmates Dinosaur Jr. and the Screaming Trees, they also took a somewhat retro/neo-psychedelic approach to guitar rock. By the time Dinosaur Jr. and the Trees had gotten snatched up by the majors in the early ’90s, however, Das Damen had called it quits. Along the way, they released a few fine recordings, including this four-song curiosity. Why curious, you ask? Well, it wasn’t just that the original vinyl pressing was a bubblegum/cotton candy shade of pink (not exactly an unusual move for an independent label to make in the late ’80s), but the fourth song, titled “Song for Michael Jackson to $ell,” was actually a cover of the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” that incorporated Beatles samples into the rave-up at the end. When the Gloved One’s representatives found out, SST was forced to withdraw the release. It was promply reissued without the offending track. The remaining three include the stop ‘n’ start “Bug” (which would seem to be an homage to Dinosaur Jr., which released an LP of the same name earlier that year) and a “Fender Version — Long Mix” of “555,” featuring Wayne Kramer from the MC5 — both from Triskaidekaphobe (i.e., fear of the number 13) — and a funky, brass-embellished non-LP track, “Sky Yen.”

Song List
Sky Yen

Song For Michael Jackson To Sell

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