Gary Lucas – Gods And Monsters – Cassette tape on Enemy Records





Gary Lucas – Gods And Monsters – Cassette

There was no need for Gary Lucas to make an album just to prove that he could play everything from folk ditties to bebop and rap, but on Gods and Monsters he came pretty close to doing just that. The album starts off with a pair of cheery acoustic pieces that are relatively simple except for the nervous, jittery guitar lines. From there on things get more complex and generally harder, with more edgy original tunes and covers of tunes by Miles Davis, Suicide, and Syd Barrett. Psychedelia and blues influences thread through almost every piece, and Lucas’ own style is distinctive enough to make almost every piece his own. Most of the album is excellent indeed; standout tracks include the bright, acoustic “Fool’s Cap,” the terrifying version of “Astronomy Domine,” and the extraordinary progressive metal jam that closes the album. The only dud track, “The Crazy Ray,” suffers from being ordinary and overlong in the midst of an album of work that is extraordinary and concise

Song List
Skin The Rabbit
Poison Tree
Jack Johnson / Ghostrider
Whip Named Lash
Fool’s Cap
Astronomy Domine
Brain From Planet Eros, The
Dream Of A Russian Princess
Crazy Ray, The
King Strong

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