Lita Ford – Black – Cassette tape on ZYX Records





Lita Ford – Black – Cassette

ZYX Records

Brand new, never played and in the factory plastic

One of two solo stars to spring from the ashes of the ’70s all-girl hard rock band the Runaways, Lita Ford has long been a more frustrating, contradictory proposition for critics than former colleague Joan Jett. Ford is subtly feminist in her musical approach, displaying guitar heroics on the level of any male metal hero; the mere fact of her existence in the otherwise testosterone-driven heavy metal genre has made her a hero to some, but her persona has often been criticized as calculated to appeal to male adolescent sexual fantasies, simply embodying the standard wild-girl stereotypes of many male metal artists’ lyrics. When she has the material to back her up, though, Ford is inarguably capable of rocking out aggressively and assertively.

Song List
1. Black
2. Fall
3. Loverman
4. Killin’ Kind
5. Hammerhead
6. Boilin’ Point
7. Where Will I Find My Love Tonight
8. War Of The Angels
9. Joe
10. White Lightin’
11. Smokin’ Toads
12. Spider Monkeys

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