Tangerine Dream – Lily On The Beach – Cassette tape on Private Music Records





Tangerine Dream – Lily On The Beach – Cassette

Tangerine Dream has had an illustrious career as space rock pioneers. Through the personnel changes over their twenty-year-plus history of recordings, we are left with only founding member Edgar Froese and recent bandmate Paul Haslinger. Lily on the Beach solidifies their place in contemporary music, finding a slight return to more non-synthesized sounds, such as drums and guitars. While occasionally resorting to a choppy or mechanical approach, most of the tracks are inventive and rhythmically compelling, offering a mixture of slower, melodic pieces with several downright rock-oriented ravers. This is the third Private Music release for this German group, and they now seem content and established as this premier label brings their sound fully into the ’90s.

Song List
1. Too Hot For My Chinchilla
2. Lily On The Beach
3. Alaskan Summer
4. Desert Drive
5. Mount Shasta
6. Crystal Curfew
7. Paradise Cove
8. Twenty-Nine Palms
9. Valley Of The Kings
10. Radio City
11. Blue Mango Cafe
12. Gecko
13. Long Island Sunset

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