Tangerine Dream – Turn Of The Tides – Cassette tape on Miramar Records





Tangerine Dream – Turn Of The Tides – Cassette

Turn of the Tides is a concept CD by Tangerine Dream. It is based on an excerpt from The Coachman’s Tales by Edgar Froese. The disc opens with a beautiful synopsis of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” one of Tangerine Dream’s strongest tracks ever. The samples are timely and the arrangement is flawless. This Tangerine Dream lineup has Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese on keyboards, synths, sound design, guitars, and programming; Linda Spa on saxophones and sound design; and Zlatko Perica on lead, acoustic, and rhythm guitars. The opening track sets the stage as the refrains from “Promenade” lead into the story as the journey begins. Tangerine Dream paints the pictures as this soundtrack to no movie unfolds. (The liner notes do, however, have a recap of the story.) This is a great CD. It will appeal to fans of Ron Boots, Ian Boddy, Klaus Schulze, and Kevin Braheny.

Song List
1. Pictures At An Exhibition
2. Firetongues
3. Galley Slave’s Horizon
4. Death Of A Nightingale
5. Twilight Brigade
6. Jungle Journey
7. Midwinter Night
8. Turn Of The Tides

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