The Fall – I Am Kurious Oranj – Cassette tape on RCA Records





The Fall – I Am Kurious Oranj – Cassette

Though it’s technically music for a ballet about William and Mary of Orange, 1988’s I Am Kurious Oranj works just fine as another chapter in The Fall’s ever-evolving sound. No one’s likely to discern a narrative here or figure out much of what Mark E. Smith is singing about; his enunciation skills haven’t improved much over the years. But his voice has always been an instrument in the mix, and with one of The Fall’s strongest lineups, this album succeeds wildly. “Overture” is a spirited instrumental, while “Dog Is Life/Jerusalem” starts as spoken word and builds into a dramatic piece of psychedelic rock and post-punk. (It’s not often you see a song cowritten by the poet William Blake.) “Wrong Place Right Time” is blistering hard rock that’s among the band’s most accessible and enduring tunes. “Cab It Up!” is lighter but no less captivating. “C.D. Win Fall 2088 A.D.” is a cryptic dance number (more for rave attendees than ballerinas). “Yes O Yes” plays like a spy thriller with guitars and keyboards circling the mood. The ’80s were a near-perfect decade for one of pop culture’s most important groups.

Song List
1. New Big Prinz
2. I Am Curious Orange: Overture
3. Dog Is Life / Jerusalem
4. Kurious Oranj
5. Wrong Place, Right Time
6. Guide Me Soft
7. C.D. Win Fall 2088 A.D.
8. Yes, O Yes
9. Van Plague?
10. Bad News Girl
11. Cab It Up!
12. Last Nacht
13. Big New Priest

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