The Three Johns – The Death Of Everything – Cassette tape on Caroline Records





The Three Johns – The Death Of Everything – Cassette

At this career juncture, the Johns had cult status written all over them, mostly due to people realizing that Langford had a connection with the much-loved (by their cult, that is) Mekons, and that led to indie label Caroline taking a chance with this record. Part-live, part-studio, although both sound roughly the same, Death is more menacing than earlier Johns records (something that might be due to the three Johns’ leering cover photo), but the songs, especially “Bullshitiaco” and the overlong “Go Ahead Bikini” are more jagged and gloomy than prior Johns rant. Also, there seems to be a bitter tone to this record, heard in its attacks on Johnny Rotten and pop music in general (“Nonsense Spews From My Song Machine”); still, it’s a fine slice of the Johns.

Song List
1. The King Is Dead (Four Words Too Long)
2. Bullshitiaco
3. Moonlight On Vermont
4. Go Ahead Bikini
5. Spin Me Round
6. Nonsense Spews From My Song Machine
7. Humbug
8. Fast Fish
9. Downhearted Blues
10. Never And Always

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