Lenny Bruce – Thank You Masked Man – Enhanced CD





Lenny Bruce – Thank You Masked Man – Enhanced CD

The performances on this album are early bits from the Fantasy vault of Lenny Bruce tapes. “Thank You Masked Man” has appeared in a somewhat different version in the animated film of the same name done by John Magnuson’s Imaginations, Inc. It is also present in an abbreviated form on the Philles album, “Lenny Bruce Is Out Again.
Some of these bits have appeared in written (transcribed) form in “The Essential Lenny Bruce” (Ballantine), and the final portion of “The Sound”, that now-classic interview of the night-tripping musician by that famous bandleader, was included under the title of “The Interview” in the Fantasy album “Interviews of Our Time”. However, it is presented here in its original, full version, which shows the genesis of the bit and the range if the concept behind it.
The rest of this material has never before been available on record and includes the earliest Bruce performances known to exist.

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic but promo cut in spine

Track Listing
The Sound
Thank You Masked Man
Tokyo Rose
Fat Boy
The Comics
Heshie The Monster
Captain Whackencracker
Enhanched CDRom Part
Thank You Masked Man (Video)