Girlschool - Nightmare At Maple Cross - Cassette tape on Profile Records

Girlschool – Nightmare At Maple Cross – Cassette tape on Profile Records



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Girlschool – Nightmare At Maple Cross – Cassette

Girlschool found themselves rejoining old-time partners-in-crime Motörhead at brand-spanking-new independent label GWR for the following year’s follow-up, Nightmare at Maple Cross. Not that there’s any concrete evidence suggesting Lemmy and Co. had any influence on some of the better new tracks (namely “All Day, All Night,” “Play with Fire,” and “Turn It Up”), renewing their acquaintance with heavier riffs and proto-riot grrrl aggression, for a change. But the presence of producer Vic Maile — responsible for both Girlschool’s and Motörhead’s early triumphs — was certainly a contributing factor, ensuring that even the disc’s more obviously commercial, singalong efforts (“Never Too Late,” “Back for More,” for instance) came wrapped in a good bit of barbed wire. If there were any truly grave repeat offenses, it was in the fact that, once again, covers had to be used as padding for the absent co-songwriting efforts of the departed Kelly Johnson.

Song List
1. All Day All Night
2. Play With Fire
3. Danger Sign
4. Never Too Late
5. Tiger Feet
6. Leader Of The Gang
7. Back For More
8. Lets Go Crazy
9. You Got Me
10. Lets Break Out
11. Turn It Up


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