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Angst – Cry For Happy – Compact Disc

The three gentlemen in the band called Angst had definitely done their rock & roll homework when they made this album, and they knew the elements that mix to make a great three-minute song. This mix of up-tempo pop with elements of country twang and punk energy has an innocence and enthusiasm that makes the album timeless. The bluesy organ work on the slow-burning cover of “Motherless Child” could have come from any Steppenwolf album, and there’s a hint of Mersey in the harmonies of “Time to Understand.” There are some clinkers among the stellar tracks, but even those are rather endearing; “My Dinner With Debbie” is a love song to a woman who is a good cook, and it sounds like it was written and recorded by a band who had missed several meals. Overall, Cry for Happy is a marvelous work of pop craftsmanship that has three or four pieces that should’ve been at least minor hits. Listen to the hook-laden perfection of “I Could Never Change Your Mind” or “Long Road” and listeners will find themselves wondering what the radio programmers were listening to that was half this good.

Song List
1. Time To Understand
2. Weather’s Fine, The
3. Only Fools
4. Meine Frau
5. Motherless Child
6. I Could Never Change Your Mind
7. Leaving’s Been Easy
8. She’s Mine
9. Long Road
10. Lonesome Heart
11. My Dinner With Debbie

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