Lyres – Happy Now – Cassette tape on Taang Records





Lyres – Happy Now – Cassette

Few bands in Boston rock & roll history have lasted as long, and made as much good music, as Lyres. Led by garage rock obsessive, record collector, Farfisa organ king, and world-class megalomaniac Jeff Monoman Conolly, Lyres rose from the ashes of Conollys first band, DMZ. Sporting a similar high-energy trash-rock sound indebted to the Seeds and the Mysterians, the Stooges, and the early British Invasion (especially early Kinks), Lyres, for a brief, shining moment, were the kingpins of Bostons punk rock scene. Resembling venerable British blues-rockers Savoy Brown because of a constantly changing lineup (something like 40 musicians have passed through the ranks), Lyres (or more specifically, Monoman) gleefully party on, oblivious of trends or the assorted vagaries of the alternative rock marketplace.

Song List
1. Baby (I Still Need Your Lovin)
2. But If You’re Happy
3. Never Be Free
4. Ill Make It Up To You
5. Pain
6. Now I’ve Got A Witness
7. Nobody But Me
8. Stoned
9. I Aint Going Nowhere
10. 100 CCs – (bootleg version)
11. Take A Look At Me – (live)
12. I Can Tell – (live)

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