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Pressurehed – Infadrone – Cassette

Here’s some gonzo cyberpunk for the post-Hawkwind generation. In many ways, Pressurehed perfectly captures the essence of rock & roll as filtered through Armageddon’s rosy nuclear haze. As one turbo-charged power trio, the project breaks down the barrier separating machine sounds from sounds man-made, with a full frontal bludgeoning of sulfuric acid guitars, monolithic bass, and vaulting keyboards.INFADRONE is the immediate and enticing. Pressurehed forms an unholy alliance between Hawkwind, Chrome, and the Cassandra Complex to yield the industrial simulacra for the info-dimensional ’90s. Tracks such as “Audio Energy” and “Turbo Pause” build upon dense waves of sturdy, riveting, nearly hypnotic rhythms. And lest it be thought that Pressurehed fails to stimulate the imagination, the blasted neuromantic landscape of “Beyond the Pale Mirrors” goes on to sear your mental epidermis.

Song List
1. Turbo Pause
2. Audio Energy
3. Wired For Sound – (Asphyxiation mix)
4. Les Signes D’affection Carnivores
5. Dark Runs Deeper
6. Beyond The Pale Mirrors
7. Paralysis
8. Wired For Sound – (Cranium mix)
9. Hedstrap


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