The Roches - Can We Go Home Now - Cassette tape on Ryko Records

The Roches – Can We Go Home Now – Cassette tape on Ryko Records




Product Description

The Roches – Can We Go Home Now – Cassette

Ryko Records

Cut in spine

The Roche sisters have been called oddballs more than once, and with good reason — though their approach has generally been a sweetly appealing folk-rock fusion, there’s always been something distinctly off-kilter about their sound. It could be the almost eerie blend of their three voices, or maybe it’s their collective tone, which is often reedy to the point of girlishness; sometimes the way they’re singing makes you wonder if you’re missing a joke somewhere. “Move” and “You (Make My Life Come True)” are both perfect love songs with charms as straightforward as the plainspoken singing that delivers them. Ditto for the quirky but endearing “I’m Someone Who Loves You.” But “Home Away from Home” deals in distressingly broad political stereotypes, and “When You’re Ready” wallows in artsy self-indulgence.

Track Listing
1. Great Gaels, The
2. Move
3. You (Make My Life Come True)
4. Christlike
5. Home Away From Home
6. Can We Go Home Now
7. When You’re Ready
8. I’m Someone Who Loves You
9. So
10. Holidays
11. My Winter Coat


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